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How are access permissions “inherited” down the folder structure?

Configurable access control is available for all accounts on our professional and enterprise level plans. See "What is configurable access control?".

Configurable access control works on the basis of access permissions being set at the folder and grid levels of your Method Grid account.

When setting access permissions at the sub-folder or grid level, it is important to understand how access permissions "inherit" (flow down from) the parent folder in which they sit. 

On the creation of a new sub-folder or grid, the access control settings are set automatically the same as the parent folder in which they sit. These access permissions remain until they are configured otherwise. 

If a new group or member is added to a sub-folder or grid (over and above the access permissions inherited) then new "view" permissions also flow back up the folder hierarchy. For example, if Jane Doe was given "Edit" access to a grid (additional to that which flowed down from the parent folder settings), then Jane Doe will automatically be given "view" permission through all the folders in the chain from this grid back to the root folder - in order that she can subsequently view and access this grid. 

New grids and folders created off the root directory of your grid library are assigned default system permissions as per your system-wide member base roles i.e. architects have "manage" rights, builders have "edit" rights and users have "view" rights.