For Professional (paid) members.

Click on Dashboard in the main navigation at the top of the page.

Select My elements from the dropdown.

You will now see a table of all elements assigned to you across the entire company account.

The table displays folder, grid, stage, theme, assigned by, assigned when, completed on in columns.

Summary display of all elements within your account; now filterable by:

  • Element name
  • Element owner
  • Element flag status
  • Element due date
  • Element status (sort only)
  • Grid name (within which element lives)
  • Stage name (within which element lives)
  • Theme name (within which element lives)
  • Folder (within which grid/element lives)

Like the grid/element task logs, these account-level, dashboard views can be exported (as .csv files) or sent to print.

If you choose to print, a new page will open that is formatted for print. Once you have left the print dialogue box a modal will appear asking if you want to return to the grid. Alternatively, you can click the browser's back button.