With an element open and edit mode off, click on the information (i) action button in the action button bar at the top right of the element. This reveals an off canvas window that slides in from the right. 

Now click on the progress bar action button. You will see a task log table that shows all tasks across the element you are currently viewing.

At a glance, you can see which tasks are overdue, open or complete.

Filters allow you to choose your optimal table view: by overdue tasks only, tasks due today, completed tasks only etc. You can also sort your task log by any task attribute (ascending/descending) by simply clicking on the relevant column heading.

You can also now manage all of your assigned tasks – within the element being viewed – by ticking completed tasks at this summary level.

You can view an expanded table view by clicking the expand action button at the top of the off canvas window. The expanded table as additional columns of information, such as stage and theme names, assigned by and when values.

You can print or export a .csv file of the table by clicking the relevant action button. 

If you choose to print, a new page will open that is formatted for print. Once you have left the print dialogue box a modal will appear asking if you want to return to the grid. Alternatively, you can click the browser's back button.