How can I see an overview of all tasks (assigned to me and overall)?

In the Tasks tab of the AnalyticsHub, there is an executive-level, top-down, overview table that provides a real time snapshot of all tasks.

This table view includes the following filterable/sortable fields:

  • Task name
  • Task owner
  • Task due date
  • Task reminder date
  • Task status (Not Started, In Progress, On Hold, Complete)
  • Task R.A.G status
  • Task Flag status
  • Element name (within which task lives)
  • Grid name (within which element/task lives)
  • Stage name (within which element/task lives)
  • Theme name (within which element/task lives)
  • Folder (within which grid/element/task lives)

For tasks assigned to you (or within grids that you have editor-level access to), tasks can be managed within this view i.e. tasks can be tick-completed, reminder dates set and the flag status changed. 

By default, the task table view filters to tasks assigned to you. You can reset this filter, and filter/sort generally, using the dropdowns at the top of each field column in the table. You can see what filters are in effect at the top of the table; applied filters can be cleared from this area also.

This task overview table can be exported (as .csv files) or sent to print.

Please note; The element-based overview table is available to Professional and Enterprise accounts only, for more information on upgrading your account please click here. 

It should be noted that “all elements” summary data is based on the elements you have access (visibility) to.  For account architects this will be all elements in the account; for builders and users this will be limited to elements you have access control to.