How do I add/manage DropBox files?

You can use our DropBox integration to search for and link to your DropBox documents.

To add a link to a DropBox file ensure you are in edit mode, select or create the item you would like to add the document/s to and then select files area from the content area selector.

Once you have added a files area, select add files and choose DropBox from the dropdown. This will then open a new window, if this is the first time you are using the integration you will be asked to login. You will then be presented with a list of your documents. Once you have selected the document/s you would like to add click confirm. 

You will now see that the documents have been added to the file area.

This also means that anytime the document is updated from within DropBox it will also be automatically updated within Method Grid.

Please note: This will create a share link to the file/s you selected. This share link will be created on the file/s in DropBox using your default share link access level. You can learn more about DropBox share links here. If you would like to set the access at a more granular level e.g. only certain people, you can create the share link within DropBox and then add it to your files area using the link to a file option.

Note: Once you have selected the files you can move, edit or delete them using the applicable icons:

  • Clicking and holding move allows you to reorder/drag your files 
  • Selecting edit will let you change the file's display name (Note: this will not update the file name in DropBox) or you can select update file to open DropBox so you can select a different file
  • Selecting delete will delete the link to the file (Note: this will NOT delete the file in DropBox)

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