NB: We have a new left hand side, column style navigation bar which replaces the original top banner, text based bar.  By way of a quick guide, working from the top down; the Method Grid avatar (or your company graphic for the Professional customers), is your link to your account home page (a page which will evolve into your “Productivity Hub” throughout 2021). Second is your notifications centre; third, the account search; fourth, your grid library; fifth, you dashboards; sixth, the light bulb, your link to element templates and example grids; seventh, your members and group pages; eighth, help and support; and finally your profile image, the place for profile and account settings, the switch account feature (for those with multiple accounts) and the other areas that currently sit there.

You can read the release blog here.

Only an architect can add members.

To add members:

  1. Click Members > Manage members
  2. The manage members page shows a list of all your current active members (archived members can be seen by clicking the archive button)
  3. Click the + button to add new members
  4. Add their first and last name, email address and select the member role you want them to have
  5. Repeat step 4 for each member you want to add, if you need more rows just click > Add 3 more rows +
  6. Click the tick button to confirm and add the new members

Each new member will receive an email inviting them to complete their registration on your account and set their password.

You can monitor who has completed their registration in the members list. Members that have an envelope icon in the days since active column have not completed their registration. Click this icon to resend their invitation email for them to complete registration.

Once your new members have accepted their invitation and completed their registration the days since active column will show the number of days since they last logged into your account.