How do I add (or delete) a stage (column)?

An architect or builder can add (or delete) a stage.

To add a stage, click on the edit mode action button from within the grid action bar. You will notice a “Add new stage” action appearing in the top left-hand corner of the grid area. Click on “Add new stage” to add a new stage.  

The new stage will be added to the bottom of your grid. You can update the stage title by clicking inline on the default heading.

Stages can be dragged if you wish to re-order them at any point. In edit mode, mouse click and drag from the icon positioned within the title area of each stage.

To delete a stage, ensure you are in edit mode: you will see the delete (bin) action button within the title area of each stage. Clicking this icon will present you with a “Are you sure?” check (be super careful here as all content in the stage will be deleted). Just click the tick icon to permanently remove the stage from the grid.