An architect or builder can add/manage content areas within an element.

To add a content area, first create, or open, the element and ensure you are in edit mode: by clicking the edit action button from the element action bar. This will expand the action bar to include the add new content areas action button. Click this button to see the different content areas available in the dropdown. These include:

Text area. This adds an area of text.

Links areas. You can add a link-based content area for three distinct types of links:

(1) To your cloud hosted files; for example, as hosted on Google Drive, Dropbox, Office 365 or Sharepoint;

(2) To external web pages;

(3) To other Method Grid elements.

File upload area. This adds an area for document and file attachments.

Experts area. This adds an area for expert tagging.

Images area. This adds an area for embedded images.

Video area. This adds an area for embedded videos. 

Checklist area. This adds an area for a checklist with accompanying progress bar.

Select the appropriate action button and the content area will appear in the main element window (initially at the top of the left-hand column). Alternatively, simply click the left or right hand column 'Add new content area +' panel and it will also trigger the content area drop down. The content area type selected will then appear lin the left or right hand column depending on which panel you clicked. The type of content area is denoted by the icon displayed in the top left of the content area: this is only visible in edit mode (i.e. as a reference for architects and builders only).

You can start the process of editing this new content area by clicking inline on the content area’s default heading and re-naming it. The text that appears beneath each content area’s heading (for all types of content area) can be, similarly, edited by clicking inline within the text zone beneath the heading.

The content area can be subsequently moved to a new position by click-holding-dragging-releasing the move action button in the top right of the content area.

A content area can be deleted from an element by clicking on the delete action button in the top right of the content area. Please note there is no confirmatory check on this action so please take care – as this action will remove the content area and any content captured within it.