An architect or builder can add/manage experts within an element.

To add experts to an element, you need first to have created an experts content area (see How do I add/manage content areas within an element?)

Next, ensure you are in edit mode, by clicking the edit mode action button from within the element action bar.

Within the element builder window, you can now add experts to an experts area: as denoted by the tag in the top left of the content area.  

To add an expert, click on the “Add an expert +” button at the bottom of the experts area. An expert selector window will now open in the right-hand column of your screen: displaying all members from within your Method Grid domain.

To select a member to become a tagged expert, click on their profile icon (the image will sharpen to indicate it has been selected). To deselect a member, click on their sharpened icon (and it will revert to a “ghosted”, non-selected presentation). It should be noted that this element-to-expert tagging is visible also in the tagged expert’s member’s profile. Once you have finished tagging experts click the save icon at the bottom of expert selector window.

All change made to the element are only finally saved by clicking on the element save and close action button from within the element action bar.