How do I add/manage videos within an element?

You can add videos from popular video hosting channels (YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, TED etc) as well as from third-party website urls containing embedded video content. 

To add videos to an element, you need first to have created a video content area (see How do I add/manage content areas within an element?)

Next, ensure you have edit access and are in edit mode, by clicking the edit mode action button (pencil symbol) from within the element action bar.

Within the element builder window, you can now add videos to a video content area: as denoted by the tag in the top left of the content area.

To add an embedded video to your element, click on the “Add a video +” button at the bottom of the content area. Next, type in or paste in the video url  and video title (optional) you wish to display within your element. Click on the save action button to confirm. 

To delete a video, click on the delete button to the top right of the video.

To move a video within the video element area click and drag on the move icon top right of the video.

To edit a video, click on the edit icon top right of the video.