How do I assign a member to a checklist task?

This article describes how to assign a member to a checklist task.

An architect or builder can assign a member to a checklist task (free user).

An architect or member with manage or edit access control privileges to a grid can assign a member to a checklist task (paid user).

Once you have created a checklist area and added some checklist task, you can now assign these checklist tasks to members. You can only assign a checklist task to one member as the objective is to create single points of accountability.

Edit mode on - you will see a little grey member + silhouette icon below the checklist task title. Click on it and a dropdown will appear displaying a member search and the first 10 members, more members will load as you scroll. Search for a member or scroll through the list and click on the member you wish to assign to the that person element. You can change the person at anytime by clicking again on the assigned members profile image that has replaced the little grey member + silhouette icon in the top left corner of an element, activating the dropdown, the assigned person will now appear at the top of the dropdown with an unassigned link under their image. Selecting another member will also automatically unassign the member in favour of the newly selected member.

Only the assigned member of a checklist task, or a member with edit capability to the grid, can tick off the associated checklist task.

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