All member types in your account receive in-app and email notifications on various activity triggers; for example: 

  • Notification when a new grid is added
  • Notification when a new template is added
  • Notification when a new member is added
  • Notification when a new comment is added

By default, all these notifications are all switched on but all members have the ability to configure their personal notification settings to their own preferences (unless your account architect has disabled this across your account). 

To configure the notifications you receive, click on your profile icon (top right) and then "Notification settings" from the dropdown.

In your notification settings page, you are then able to toggle "yes/no" switches for multiple notification trigger types (for both in-app and email notification actions). 

Account architects can disable the ability for individual members to configure notification settings. This is done within the same notifications page where architects, additionally, have the "Allow members to specify their own notification settings" toggle switch.