An architect can decide whether to give members control of their own notification settings, or to set them up at an organisation level.

Notifications settings are defaulted to allow members to configure their own preferences. If you want to prevent this, go to Settings > Notifications and set 'Allow members to specify their own notification settings' to 'No'.

Now members will not be able to change any of their own notification settings.

Configuring notifications

There are two places notifications can be configured. 

  1. Settings > Notifications - This is where architects set them at the organization level
  2. Profile image dropdown (top right corner of nav) > Your settings - This is a member configures their individual preference (if permitted)

For emails, you can decide to have instant notifications, a daily summary, or no notifications, the choice is yours. In-app is always instant and cannot be changed, however we find that this in non-intrusive. Notifications can be configured for the following activities:

  1. Comments @mentioned only - instant (default, can be changed)
  2. Assigned to task - fixed (summary and instant - cannot be changed)
  3. Assigned to element - fixed (summary and instant - cannot be changed)
  4. Given access to a grid - summary (default, can be changed)
  5. Given access to a folder - summary (default, can be changed)
  6. Added to a group - summary (default, can be changed)

The daily summary email is sent at 7am each morning and relays the above activity for the previous 24 hours.

Each member can now set their own timezone to allow for international usage. Go to the Date and Time tab of the Your settings page and select your timezone from the dropdown.