How do I configure Ping Identity PingFederate Single Sign On (SSO)?

How to configure SSO for Method Grid using PingFederate.

Your Method Grid account must have a unique domain/URL for SSO to work

IMPORTANT: before you configure PingFederate on your account, please contact so our support team can help with the configuration. This is especially important if you want to configure access groups.

Configuring SSO for PingFederate 

To configure PingFederate SSO you will need the following PingFederate details:

  • Entity ID
  • Sign on URL
  • Sign out URL
  • X509 Certificate

Once you have these:

  1. Open your Method Grid account and go to account settings > single sign on > PingFederate (you will need architect, super admin access to access these settings)
  2. Enter the details above as indicated
  3. You can also customise the text the logon button displays
  4. You can also customise the text displayed when there is an access error for your users e.g. contact your IT department for help
  5. Click the tick button to save

PingFederate will now be an option on your sign in page, the button to login via PingFederate will display the text you entered in step 3 above.