How do I create or edit member profile fields?

An architect can create and edit custom member profile fields:

  1. Click your profile image 
  2. Click account settings
  3. Click profile fields
  4. Here you can add your own custom profile field:
    1. Click the + button
    2. Give your profile field a name
    3. Select whether you want the field to be mandatory (if a field is set to mandatory then your members have to complete the profile field before they can save their profile when they next edit it)
    4. Select the profile field type:
      1. Single-line text field - best for short text
      2. Multi-line text field - best for long text
      3. Dropdown box - restrict the field to a set of options you set here - best if you want to restrict what a member can put in the profile field - this option also lets you filter the members page by these dropdown options
      4. URL Text box - This field is for adding web links only. Once you have selected this field you will be prompted to add the display text, this text is what will show for your users once the url has been filled in
    5. Click the tick button to save your new profile field

Edit - to edit a profile field click the edit icon

Delete - to delete a profile field click the bin icon

Move/Re-order - to move and re-order your custom profile fields click and drag the move icon