How do I enable the API for my Method Grid account?

To enable the Method Grid API for use on your account please follow the steps below. Please note you need to have architect level access to the account in order to access the API settings and you need to be on our enterprise plan.

  1. Click on your profile image bottom left
  2. Select account settings - note that if you do not see account settings then you are not an architect level member and do not have access to the account settings. Please contact an architect level member on your account to enable the API for you
  3. In account settings click the API tab and then:
    1. If you see the enable API yes/no toggle, toggle this to on - the API is now enabled on your account
    2. If you see a warning asking you to first setup a custom subdomain for your account, please follow the instructions here first and then return to the API tab to toggle the API on

The developer API documentation can be found here.