An architect or builder can export a grid. 

First ensure you are in edit mode - edit action button (pencil) is turned on.

You can then export a grid from within the grid library, by clicking the "..." (more) action button on the grid you wish to export - to reveal a dropdown. Then select "Export this grid". 

This will export the contents of your grid into a zipped file - containing an Excel (.xlxs) summary of your grid structure/contents along with all associated uploaded files. The first worksheet of the Excel file captures the structure of your grid's stages, themes and mapped elements. Subsequent worksheet tabs capture the content contained within each element. 

The file is downloadable from your browser. 

The export feature can also be invoked from within the specific grid you seek to export. Again, click the "..." action button on the grid's action button bar to reveal this dropdown option.


Export from grid library


Export from grid