How do I filter my grid library (by grid labels)?

All members of a Method Grid account can filter the grids within the grid library. For accounts with multiple grids, this is a powerful tool to locate/display grids by category type. 

To filter your grids, click on the filter action button within your grid library action bar (top right). 

The dropdown will reveal all ten labels (assigned and unassigned). See How do I edit the label legend for all my grids?

To filter on a label select the respective check box. Note: you can also change the logical operator to type "OR" - or - "AND" with the default as "OR" (i.e. all grids assigned with any of the selected labels will be displayed). Click the "Filter" button to apply this filter to your grid library display.

Note: when a filter is applied, a title message appears (in top left of grid library page) displaying the filter conditions. This serves to remind users that a filter is applied i.e. you may be looking at a subset of your overall grid library.

To show all grids following a filter, return to the filter dropdown and click "Show all".