How do I integrate Method Grid into Microsoft Teams?

You can embed Method Grid into your Teams using the Microsoft Teams website app

To integrate Method Grid into Microsoft Teams you can use the Teams website app as follows:

  1. Open Teams and go to the Team into which you would like to add Method Grid
  2. Click on the + add tab button at the top
  3. Search for "website" and click to add the Teams website app
  4. Add the tab name e.g. Method Grid (this can be anything you like)
  5. Paste in the Method Grid URL for the Method Grid page you would to show here - open Method Grid, navigate to the page or grid you want to show in this tab and copy the URL from the browser address bar
  6. Click save
  7. You will now see the Method Grid page as a tab in your Teams 

Note: your users will need to be logged in to Method Grid to see the page. If they are not logged in the tab will show them the Method Grid login page and they can login directly in Teams. Once logged in you can use Method Grid as normal.