How do I integrate push notifications (web hooks) for chat applications such as Slack, Google Chat and Microsoft Teams?

This integration pushes relevant activity notifications (e.g. new elements, new comments) out to your team’s Slack, Google Chat or Microsoft (MS) Teams channels/rooms/spaces.

Creating the webhook URL

For more information on how to setup incoming webhooks in the Slack, Google Chat or MS Teams applications, please see the relevant links below …

Go to the Slack FAQ on how to set up a Slack webhook >>

Go to the Google Chat FAQ on how to set up a Google Chat webhook >>

Go to the MS Teams FAQ on how to set up an MS Teams webhook >>

Adding the webhook URL to a grid

Once you have the webhook URL for your chat application, you are ready to configure your grid. To do this:

  1. Click the more button ... at the top right of the grid you want to configure. This reveals the chat apps that can be configured. Select whichever is required, again all three can be done if required.
  2. Paste the webhook URL (provided by MS Teams, Google Chat or Slack) into the field.
  3. Control which notifications are sent via the Yes/No switches. 
  4. Click the tick to save.
To remove a webhook, click the ‘Remove this webhook integration’.

Managing webhook push notification integrations

You can control the integration at the grid level as outlined above. 

Account architects (admins) can also review all grids using webhook push notifications. To do this:

  1. Open account settings
  2. Select integrations
  3. In configure chat integrations, select the relevant application (Slack, Google Chat or MS Teams)
  4. You can now see a list of grids with active webhook integrations
  5. Click the settings button next to a grid to edit or remove the webhook integration for that grid