How do I manage members?

Only an architect can manage members.

Click on the add member button (+) on the members page. A modal will appear. A name, email and member class is required for each person added. You may add as little as one person or as many as you require. Simply keep clicking the "+ Add 3 more rows" link to get more fields. When ready click the tick button and the new members will be added to the your Method Grid account and billing subscription. Each member added will receive an email with a link so that they can set their password and begin using Method Grid. You can see who has or hasn't logged in, or how active members are via the RAG system that appears against each member.

To archive members, click the "Archive" button (the filing box icon) on the profile image of a member, a modal will appear to confirm the action, that member becomes archived and is therefore dormant on your Method Grid account, they will no longer be able to login and will be removed from your payment subscription. You can view all archived members by clicking the  "Archive" button (the filing box icon) in the tool bar, or by clicking the "Show archived members" link at the bottom of the members page. If you ever wish to reactivate an archived member then there is a + button on each archived members profile image which can be clicked to do so. They will then become active again on the platform and on your subscription. 

To change the member/access level of a member (architect, builder or user) use the radio buttons in the table view.