How do I @mention a member of my Method Grid domain?

@mentioning is a great way to bring another users attention to a specific grid or element

Simply type the “@” symbol followed by the first letters of a name and a dropdown will appear with text-filtered user profiles – simply click on the one you need.

When a comment with an @mention is sent, there is additional functionality to bring it to the notice of your tagged colleague.

If the @mentioned colleague is not logged into Method Grid and reading the comments then at the next notification sweep, which takes place every four hours, they will receive an email from Method Grid making them aware of this new comment.

Every user has the ability to configure their notifications via the Settings > Notification Settings page – which now includes this new @mention feature.

Comments, at the task, element and grid levels, appear in an updated interface along with the ability for comments to be edited and deleted by the comment creator. 
Edited comments are annotated with the “Edited” tag aside the comment date-time stamp (which always stays at the point of original creation).