How do I output a grid to PDF or send it to print?

You can output a customised view of any grid. You can save as a PDF file, or you can send it to print. 

When in a grid, look for the PDF icon button in the action button bar. Click on this and you will be taken to a preview page of the grid. An off-canvas panel will open on the right hand side of the page. In this panel you will see all the visible features (such as progress bars, flags, assigned members etc) of a grid broken down into the core visual aspects: Grid, Stage, Theme and Element. 

You can decide which information you want visible on the output by unticking/ticking accordingly. When you do untick something, you will see on the grid preview how this will look.

Once you click the 'Save as PDF/print' button, your print dialogue window will open. Here you can select your local printer or select to 'Save as PDF', usually a dropdown option depending on your operating system. We recommend orientating to landscape when outputting a grid, but of course it depends on the format of your grid. You will have to play around with scale also depending on the size of your grid. Some of the larger grids we use have to scale down to 20% in order to fit on one page. 

The PDF file can then be used flexibly – to create related image files (.jpgs, .pngs) – to be dropped in emails, Powerpoint presentations etc.

The output feature is particularly useful if outputting the grid for a proposal, sharing with a client, or printing out your treasured master methodologies as large format posters to adorn your office walls.

For best results we recommend using browsers Chrome, Edge or Firefox.