How do I schedule (or remove) a due date to an element, stage or grid?

If you are an architect or a builder - or you have manage or edit access to a grid - then you can schedule specific “due dates” for a grid, stage or element, rather than them just auto-displaying dates that “bubble up” from constituent checklist tasks (within elements).

A task due date will still "bubble up" through the different levels (element, stage and grid), but you can manually assign a due date to an element, a stage or the overall grid (project) - that effectively overrides this automated "bubble up".

There will always be a logical link running through component due dates (task > element > stage > grid); for example, you are only able to set a:

  • manual due date on an element that comes later than any constituent task due date;
  • manual due date on a stage that comes later than any constituent element due date; or
  • manual due date on a grid that comes later than any constituent stage due date.

To schedule a due date, with edit mode on, click on the calendar (clock) icon for the component you seek to assign a new due date to (element, stage  or grid). This triggers the date picker; select the due date you wish for that component, the picker will automatically close and the new due date is now set.

It should be noted that element "completion" is satisfied solely as a logical result of the completion of ALL constituent tasks within the element. So, if you add a due date to an element that has no existing checklist tasks, the app will automatically add an "Element complete" checklist task to the element. This auto-added checklist task can now be edited in the usual way (the principal rule is that an element requires at least one checklist task to be "completable" i.e. for an element "due date" to have meaning).

To remove a manual due date, click the calendar (clock) icon again to trigger the date picker and then click on the "Remove due date" link below the calendar picker.

Once deleted, the component's due date will revert to automated "bubble up" mode - as derived from constituent components. The info panel to the left of the calendar will show you where the date "bubble up" is originating from. If the date displayed is simply a "bubble up", the calendar picker will NOT have a "Remove due date" action link.