NB: We have a new left hand side, column style navigation bar which replaces the original top banner, text based bar.  By way of a quick guide, working from the top down; the Method Grid avatar (or your company graphic for the Professional customers), is your link to your account home page (a page which will evolve into your “Productivity Hub” throughout 2021). Second is your notifications centre; third, the account search; fourth, your grid library; fifth, you dashboards; sixth, the light bulb, your link to element templates and example grids; seventh, your members and group pages; eighth, help and support; and finally your profile image, the place for profile and account settings, the switch account feature (for those with multiple accounts) and the other areas that currently sit there.

You can read the release blog here.

Ordinarily, Method Grid members use different email addresses for different account logins or, at least, different email-password combinations. In this instance, to switch between accounts, you need just simply log out and log back in with these new credentials. 

In the instance where you use the same email-password combination for multiple accounts (not something we would necessarily recommend from a security perspective) you can switch between accounts within the application. 

In this instance, Method Grid detects that your email-password belongs to multiple accounts and presents a "Switch account" option in the pop-out menu of your profile image. You will see a list of any accounts you are a member of. Clicking on one then switches you to that account.