How do private folders work?

This feature allows all members of Method Grid i.e. the different member base roles (architect, builder, user) and "External" members, to have their own private area in which they can build and store their own grids. 

Grids developed within a private grid can be moved to the main grid library. To move a grid from your private folder, in edit mode, you simply drag-and-drop (left hand mouse click) the grid from within the folder pane and move it to the desired new folder position in the main grid library. A recipient folder area turns blue as you hover over it.

For professional and enterprise plans, with configurable access control, please note that you must have "edit" permission to any recipient folder (if you do not have this permission, the target folder will display a forbidden icon when you attempt to drop the grid into it). With configurable access control, grids moved from your private library inherit the permissions of the folder in which they are moved to; in addition, the creator of the grid (the owner of the private folder) retains "manage" rights to the grid in its new position. 

Account architects can view all private folders within your Method Grid account.

To view a private folder, as an architect, click first on the "Members > Manage members" option in the top menu. Next, click on the "Private folder" (folder) icon associated with the member to open up this private folder area.