To download a grid from the Method Grid store, you need first to open up the store. 

To open the store, you will notice that there is now a blue store (shopping basket) icon appearing in your “Grid Library” page. Click on the store icon to open up the store.

You will now see grid promotional thumbnails - for example, one titled “How to build your first Method Grid” (available now for free). This grid just serves as a simple tutorial for new users … using a Method Grid to explain … how to build a Method Grid!

The information action button on the thumbnail (“i”) provides a simple summary of this grid (description, number of elements etc.). In the future this will provide a grid developer the opportunity to explain/promote the grid (we will develop a far richer interface to accommodate).

To download it to your own library, you need to click the “Clone this grid” action button. This opens up a dropdown with two options: “Clone the grid with elements” (the majority user case) and “Clone just the grid”. Select an option to see the resultant grid downloaded into your account’s grid library.

Once cloned down, you can edit and amend the grid to your heart’s content.