Method Grid Compatibility/Requirements

Method Grid is a web application and will work in most modern browsers on most modern desktop and mobile operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android and Linux.

Method Grid works best on the latest version of your browser and operating system. As a general rule we support the last two versions of these browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge

What devices are supported?

Method Grid is a responsive web application and will work on most 
smartphones and tablets using the device’s browser. It can also be added to your device's home screen.

Method Grid is regularly tested on the latest versions of: iPhone (Safari), iPad (Safari), 
Android Tablet/Phone (Chrome) and Windows 10 Tablet Interface (Edge). 

Please contact us if you have a specific device requirement query.

What browsers are supported?

Method Grid is supported on the latest versions of the following browsers: 
Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Apple Safari.

Method Grid will work on most modern browsers; please contact us if you 
have a specific browser requirement query.