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What are the different access permission rights?

For professional and enterprise plans, the ability to configure access control across your Method Grid account is possible - for all folders and grids. 

For any specific folder or grid, member groups and/or individual members can be allocated a specific access permission: view, edit or manage

Members and groups with view rights can see a folder's content (sub-folders and grids) and are able to view/access a grid i.e. access all the elements within the grid and all the content within its elements. View rights also allow a member to interact with a grid's content (e.g. to complete checklists that have been assigned to them).

Members and groups with edit rights can add and manage content; for example, a member with edit rights at a folder level can add new sub-folders and grids to that folder. A member with edit rights to a grid can build-out that grid e.g. by adding new elements, updating elements with new content areas etc. 

Members and groups with manage rights can configure access control to the folders or grids that they have this right assigned against. For example, any (internal) member can be assigned manage rights to a grid and this, in turn, will allow them to allocate permissions to others. 

These permissions are hierarchal i.e. a member or group with edit rights automatically has view rights and a member or group with manage rights automatically has view and edit rights. 

Architects within your account are effectively super-admin members and have manage rights across your entire account.

It should be noted that access permission rights can override system-wide member base roles (architects, builders and users) e.g. an internal member with a "user" base role can be granted "manage" rights within a folder or grid.