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What is configurable access control?

This powerful suite of features allows member access to your Method Grid account to be bespoke configured to meet your security and access needs.

Access control can be applied to specific folders and grids; for example, allowing you to create a project or team-based folder, or grid, and locking down access to a project team grouping. You might also want to invite an external (client) member into your account but only want them to view/edit a specific set of grids - and - not see the rest of your organization's wider content. This is all possible with configurable access control. 

In summary, configurable access control provides the ability to tailor view/edit/manage permissions, across your entire account (by folders and grids), to optimally match your data privacy and access requirements. 

This feature set also allows professional and enterprise accounts to add/manage member groups (e.g. HR, Finance, Marketing etc.) as an organizing construct to facilitate the management of access control.

Please note configurable access control is available for all accounts on our professional and enterprise level plans, if you would like more information on how to upgrade your plan please click here.