What is Method Grid?

Method Grid is a fully configurable platform on which to design, build and view your service methodologies and internal operating procedures.

The capture of a methodology or process is contained within an individual Method Grid (or “grid” for short). Method Grid is both the name of the overarching platform and the name of our core, configurable frameworks contained within it.

An individual grid is divided into stages (chronological steps) and themes (the subdomains that your overall methodology consists of). Each cell in a grid (at an intersection of a stage and theme) can be populated with elements. Elements can detail a specific control document, checklist or activity that is relevant to this stage in your process. For example, a simple project-based grid might have a “Project Brief” element in the “Start Up” stage and within the “Planning” theme. 

An element can be configured to contain multiple aspects for a methodology user: information, helpful tips, resource links, links to other elements, templates, documents, completed “best practice” examples and expert-tags. Expert-tags connect all members of your organisation to specific knowledge aspects: such that team members who need specific support can quickly locate their colleagues best placed to help. 

Each grid, in total, is a rich, dynamic, single point of methodological reference for your whole organisation. Method Grid - the platform - is your dynamic, online library of all such service methodologies and internal operating procedures.