How do I configure Okta Single Sign On (SSO)?

How to configure SSO for Method Grid using Okta.

Your Method Grid account must have a unique domain/URL for SSO to work

Configuring SSO for Okta

Part 1 | Setting up in Okta

  1. Log in to your Okta account. Click 'Applications' in the main navigation and select 'Applications' from the dropdown
  2. Click the blue 'Add Application' button
  3. Click the blue 'Create New App' button
  4. In the modal set the 'Sign on method' to 'OpenID Connect' and the application 'Platform' setting to 'Web' and confirm by clicking the blue 'Create' button at the bottom
  5. Give the application a name, we suggest Method Grid (you can even add a logo if you wish) and enter as the sign-in redirect URI. Click the blue 'Save' button. (Note, do not use your custom domain in this URI)
  6. Copy and safely store your 'Client ID' and 'Client Secret', you will need these to complete the setup in Method Grid
  7. Click 'Security' in the main navigation and select 'API' from the dropdown
  8. Make a note of your 'Issuer URI' found in the third column of the table, you will need this to complete the setup in Method Grid
  9. Click 'Applications' in the main navigation and on the 'Applications' page select Method Grid (or whatever you decided to call it) from the table
  10. Click 'Assignments' in the sub nav below the application name
  11. Click the blue 'Assign' dropdown button and select 'Assign to People' or 'Assign to Groups'. You will have to add any person or group (depending how you have organised your Okta directory) to the application here. In the modal that appears click 'Assign' along side the name of a person or group, click on the blue 'Save and go back' button on this modal and then click the blue 'Done' button ... Your Okta setup is now configured, proceed to Part 2 to complete the setup in Method Grid ...

Part 2 | Completing the Okta setup in Method Grid

  1. Go to Settings > Configure Single Sign On > Configure Okta
  2. Enter the 'Client ID', 'Client Secret' and 'Issuer URI' that you safely stored into their respective fields and click the save tick
  3. Now any team member who signs into Method Grid using their login for this configured Okta account will be automatically added as member to your Method Grid account if they are not one already


Please note: If you remove a team member from Okta, they will still exist in your Method Grid account but they will not be able to log in with Okta. If they were already an existing member of your Method Grid account before you configured SSO, they will still be able to log in to Method Grid with their original log in details. If you wish for them to be inactive in Method Grid, please be make sure you archive them. You can do this on the members page by clicking the 'Archive' (box file icon) associated with them (How do I manage members?)