An architect or builder can create a new element template.

There are two ways of creating an element template: 

  • From scratch
  • Creating an element template from a pre-built element

Creating an element template from scratch:

Go to your templates library: by clicking “Resources" in the top menu bar and then "Element templates” from the dropdown.

Click the “New element template +” button (displayed in the top left hand corner).

This will open-up the new element template in an element template builder window (initially with a blank element template).

You can start the process of building this new element template by clicking inline on the “My new template” title and re-naming it. 

You can now start to add content areas to your template, in the same way you would add content areas to an actual element (see: How do I add/manage content areas within an element?). The only difference is that you cannot add specific content (e.g. documents, links, expert-tags) to a template.