How do I create an element template?

All platform members can create an element template (even if this is just from within their own private grids in their own private folder area - for user and external member types). 

For professional and enterprise accounts, configurable access control will determine who has the access permission to create a template from within the main grid library; see What is configurable access control?

There are two ways of creating an element template: 

  • From scratch
  • From a pre-built element

Creating an element template from scratch:

Go to your templates library: by clicking “Resources" in the top menu bar and then "Element templates” from the dropdown.

Click the “New element template +” button (displayed in the top left hand corner).

This will open-up the new element template in an element template builder window (initially with a blank element template).

You can start the process of building this new element template by clicking inline on the “My new template” title and re-naming it. 

You can now start to add content areas to your template, in the same way you would add content areas to an actual element (see: How do I add/manage content areas within an element?). The only difference is that you cannot add specific content (e.g. documents, links, expert-tags) to a template.

Creating an element template from a pre-built element:

From within the pre-built element you seek to base a new template upon, first ensure you are in edit mode by clicking the edit action button from the element action bar. This will expand the action bar to include the "more actions" action button (three dot ellipsis). Click this button to reveal the "Save this element as a template" dropdown. Provide a new template name in the name field and then click the tick action button to save this new template to your template library.