How do I start building an element from a template?

All platform members can add/manage content areas within an element (even if this is just within their own private grids in their own private folder area - for user and external member types). 

For free accounts, an architect or builder can add/manage content areas within an element in the main grid library.

For professional and enterprise accounts, configurable access control will determine who has the access permission to add/manage content areas within an element (and to view/use templates) in the main grid library; see What is configurable access control?

To speed up the process of building a new element, you can start the process by using a pre-existing element as your starting point. This will copy across the content areas of the selected pre-existing element, any descriptive text and copies of all the actual embedded content such as documents, links or expert-tags. 

To start building your new element this way, first create, or open, the element and ensure you are in edit mode: by clicking the edit action button from the element action bar. This will expand the action bar to include the start new element action button (folder symbol), click this button to see the options available in the dropdown. These include (starting from):

  • Element templates
  • Existing elements

To start building from an element template click "Select an Element Template" you can then scroll through all templates, then select the template you wish to use.   

Please note this action will write-over any content already built into this element.

Clicking again on the start new element action button collapses the dropdown.

Element templates are also available from the resources button on the navigation pane.