What is an element?

An element is any component within your methodology or process.

Once a grid framework has been defined, architects and builders can get to work fleshing out a grid with all its constituent elements. Elements sit at the relevant intersection of theme (typically a knowledge subdomain) and stage (typically a chronological step in your process flow). For example, a “Client Engagement Letter” element might sit in the “Commercials” theme/row and “Stage 1: Project Start” stage/column of your service delivery methodology.

An element can be used to capture multiple areas of information and resource to aid your practitioners in the consistent delivery of your methods: descriptive guidance, links to external resources, links to other elements, relevant documents, files, tools and templates and the “tagging” of expert members within the platform.  

The ongoing review and addition of elements within a grid is what builds-out a grid - often over time - towards becoming a powerful and structured repository of your intellectual property.