How do I add an element to a grid?

All platform members can add an element to a grid (even if this is just within their own private grids in their own private folder area - for user and external member types). 

For free accounts, an architect or builder can add an element to any grid in the main grid library.

For professional and enterprise accounts, configurable access control will determine who has the access permission to add an element to a grid in the main grid library; see What is configurable access control?

Within the grid you want to add an element to, ensure you are in edit mode: by clicking on the edit mode action button from within the grid action bar. Next, in the appropriate cell location (i.e. intersection of stage and theme) click “Add element +”.

This will open-up the new element in an element builder window (initially with a blank element).

You can start the process of building this new element by clicking inline on the “New element” title and re-naming it.

To start adding element content areas – and actual content – you can now either: 

 All changes made to your new element are automatically saved.